Performance Plus Stops Water Leaks Quickly

Water Leak Cleanup Process

When you call Performance Plus because you need help with a water leak in your home or business, we will immediately send out a water damage professional to inspect and evaluate the cause and severity of the leak. 

The first object when dealing with a leak is to stop it. We will turn off the water and begin to address the cause of the leak. Whether that be a busted pipe, a loose fitting, or excessive corrosion, Performance Plus is a licensed contractor capable of fixing any water leak regardless of the cause.

In the majority of water leak cases, there will be some level of standing water left over to be extracted from your home or business. Addressing this standing water will ensure that no further damage is done to your property.

Depending on where the leak occurred, the may be a considerable mess to clean and damaged materials to remove. Our team of water damage experts will begin to address these needs by safely removing any materials that have been heavily saturated or irreparably damaged. 

Once the damaged materials have been removed, our technicians will begin cleaning the area. Depending on the origin of the leak, the water that has caused the damage may be considered toxic and the cleanup will require sanitization and decontamination.

With the area cleaned and the standing water removed, the last step of the process will be to completely dry and dehumidify the affected area. This is a very important step towards inhibiting mold growth. We will utilize industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers to complete this task quickly.

Problems Caused By Accumulated Water

Water seepage is a common problem that many homeowners face. Water seepage occurs when water enters your basement through cracks, holes, or busted pipes. Though it may not look as threatening as a sewage overflow, it’s a plumbing disaster you can’t ignore. When you allow water to accumulate your basement, your property is more susceptible to the following water damage:

Wood Rot

Mold & Mildew

Water Contamination

Water-Loving Insects, Vermin, & Pest Infestation

Waterborne Illnesses, Viruses, & Disease-Causing Bacteria

Do You Need Our Water Leak Cleanup Services?

Why You Need Performance Plus

Removing water seepage from your basement can be challenging. Without the right tools or professional knowledge, you can miss areas that are riddled with standing water and moisture. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to contact Performance Plus when you need water removal. Our company has been in the restoration business for many years now and can easily take care of the situation.

Performance Plus is your trusted flood recovery and water removal specialist. Our company has a broad experience in providing effective water damage solutions that are designed to help both residential and commercial properties get back to normal after experiencing any kind of water damage.

Our fully licensed and IICRC technicians are highly skilled to remove any level of water seepage or damage your building has encountered. We only use the latest equipment to locate the source of your water seepage problem and can repair even the worst plumbing leaks fast. With our help, you’ll be able to recover from this disaster much sooner.

Complete Cleaning & Structural Drying

To ensure that your property doesn’t encounter any risks caused by high levels of moisture, we’ll clean and dry all the affected areas. Doing so will help minimize the development of mold and other waterborne contaminants, giving you the following benefits:

Water Damage Prevention

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Healthy & Clean Indoor Environment