Local Sewage Removal Service

Our Sewage Backup Removal Process

A sewage overflow is one of the most difficult plumbing challenges a property owner can encounter. Not only can it be caused by several factors, but the contaminated water can also infiltrate the entire building fast. So it’s vital that the source of the problem is immediately located and shut down.

As such, it’s in your best interest to hire Performance Plus if your building is ever flooded with sewage water or any other kind of water damage.

When you call Performance Plus following a sewage backup related disaster in your home or business, we will immediately send out a restoration specialist to complete inspection of the site. Our inspector will identify the cause of the backup and the extent of the damage. From this information we will construct a quick and accurate evaluation, laying out a restoration plan and timeline for you to review.

Depending on the severity of the backup, there may be considerable amounts of black water that needs to be extracted from your property. Our team with the help of industrial grade water extraction equipment will work to remove all of this water before it can damage any more of your property.

Because of the nature of sewage backups, there may be a considerable amount of materials that will be deemed irreparable due to being saturated with toxic waste water. Our sewage restoration team will safely collect and dispose of this material in a professional manner.

Now that the water has been removed and the damaged materials have been safely disposed of, Performance Plus will use professional grade moisture meters to identify the remaining moisture levels throughout the affected area. We will then use industrial grade dehumidifiers to bring the moisture levels within your home or business back to a dry state, also known as a dry standard.

The professionals at Performance Plus have already removed the damaged materials, which will need to be repaired. But sewage backup is also often accompanied by issues with plumbing that will need to be addressed as well.

Performance Plus is a licensed general contractor, and turnkey restoration company, that can help you will all of your plumbing, sewage, and construction related repairs, getting you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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Let Performance Plus Handle Sewage Removal

If your home, office, or retail store ever encounters a sewage overflow, contact Performance Plus. We are your local dependable restoration expert, and we’ve been providing excellent restoration services to residential and commercial properties for many years now, so we’re more than capable of effectively removing the sewage from your building and restoring any damage left behind.

We’re also very familiar with the consequences of incorrect sewage removal and cleanup. Because of this, our company only sends our fully licensed and IICRC technicians when handling any restoration and sewage removal project. When you let us take care of the situation, you’ll receive the following advantages:

Professional Sewage Removal

Performance Plus is one of the few companies that provides complete sewage removal. This is because we have the skill and the necessary equipment to get rid of contaminated water in the most hard-to-reach places. Our sewage removal service also includes structural drying and dehumidification.

Sanitary Disinfection

Once the sewage and standing water are removed, we’ll sanitize and disinfect your entire property. We’ll also deodorize the surroundings to ensure that no health risk remains.

Complete Restoration

Our sewage removal procedure won’t be complete without restoring your devastated building back to its pre-damaged condition. Regardless of how extensive the aftermath has inflicted on your home or business, we can handle the situation efficiently so you can return to normal operations much sooner.