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Our Mold Removal & Remediation Process

Mold is a common consequence of a water-related emergency, but it is not an issue you can take lightly. Although mold does not look ominous, it diffuses spores to every corner of your home through your HVAC system. Depending on the type of mold, those spores can trigger health-related challenges that include allergies, asthma attacks, infections, nose bleeds or even cancer.

The first step to take when you suspect mold in your home or business is to hire an industrial hygienist to conduct an air test, to check your property for the presence of mold.

Mold can spread through a building quickly. In a matter of days mold can take over entire buildings, so time is very important. Once we have the results from the air test, and we know what type of mold we are dealing with, we can start containing the affected area to stop the mold from spreading further.

We utilize proper protection equipment (PPE) and advanced containment techniques to safely control the mold, like advanced air filtration, negative air pressure, and complete ventilation containment.

Once we’ve contained the mold, we can begin removing the building materials that have been affected and damaged by the mold. Our team of remediation specialists will go through your home or business, spraying and cleaning every surface with an antimicrobial wash, ensuring no mold spores are left untouched. Throughout this process, we take special care to maintain containment and continue to use HEPA filters to clean the outgoing air and isolate the problem.

Removing the damaged materials and cleaning the undamaged surfaces should leave your home or business mold free. But, before we start our rebuilding phase, we need to be sure that the environment is safe. To ensure your safety, a clearance test will need to be conducted by the Industrial Hygienist. This test will compare outside and inside air quality levels, effectively showing if there are any remaining concerns within your home or business.

Passing the clearance test means that our team at Performance Plus can start the rebuilding and remodeling phase. In this step we will work with you, as a licensed general contractor, to return your home or business to like new condition. We have expertise and experience to complete any job, from flooring to drywall to cabinetry. 

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Health Hazards of Mold Exposure

The presence of mold can make individuals with allergies, asthma and weak immune systems feel uncomfortable. Depending on the type of mold that’s growing on your walls, the situation could be much worse, however.

There are three kinds of mold that typically grow in American homes, and each one can affect your health differently:

Allergenic Mold

Allergenic mold is the least threatening of the three and it’s known to trigger and induce symptoms of allergies and asthma. While it is the least threatening, it is also the most common.

Pathogenic Mold

Pathogenic mold is hazardous for people who have compromised immune systems. It can produce infections and has the ability to grow in the lungs. It’s also a major cause of hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Toxigenic Mold

Toxigenic mold is the most dangerous of the three. These mold spores are covered in mycotoxin, which is a toxic substance that can cause bleeding from the nose and lungs, as well as cancer.
Mold Remediation Services

Indoor Air Quality

If you suspect that your residential or commercial property is afflicted by mold, contact Rapid Dry ASAP to protect you and anyone else who spends time in your home or business.

Mold doesn’t magically appear on your bathroom floors or basement walls. It’s able to penetrate the hard-to-reach areas of your property because it diffuses its spores into your indoor air. When the contaminated air circulates throughout your entire building, carried along by the ductwork from your HVAC system, you’ll notice that it smells musty and feels heavy.

Quick Estimates

Mold moves quickly, and acting fast is the best way to decrease damage and excessive remediation costs. Performance Plus gives you quick and accurate estimates.

Rebuild & Remodel

As a licensed general contractor, Performance Plus provides you with all the options to rebuild and remodel your home or business to restore your property to like new.

Reliable Cleaning Methods

At Performance Plus, we’ve restored countless water-damaged buildings using a time-tested, mold-cleaning process that generates the best results.