We Help You With Your Restoration Insurance Claims Process

Our Insurance Claim Assistance Process

Inspect the condition of your property and determine the type of water disaster that caused the event.

Properly document the extent of the damage by taking photos, videos, evidence, etc.

Make a detailed list of the items that were lost and damaged by the disaster.

Review your current insurance policies.

Work directly with your insurance provider and negotiate with the company’s adjuster to come up with a fair estimate.

Once your claim has been approved, you can hire us to restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition. We have the professional skill and equipment to repair any type of water damage, so you can trust us to take great care of your home or establishment as well.

Rapid Dry is Committed to Helping Every Step of the Way

Contact Performance Plus if your residential or commercial building has been devastated by water damage. Our company has been in the restoration business for many years now and we’re very familiar with the challenges that property owners face during a crisis. That said, we’re committed to providing hassle-free water damage restoration services you can rely on. We’ll also be more than happy to help you file and submit an insurance claim.

Restoration Services

need help filing your water damage insurance claim?

Water Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

Water Damage Restoration

Plumbing emergencies can occur without any warning but you can easily recover if your property is insured. After all, repairing a burst pipe or sewage overflow can get expensive so it’s smart to have a reliable insurance provider to help cover the costs in the event of an emergency.

However, in order to receive financial assistance, you need to submit a properly filled out claim first. Although completing this task sounds simple, many property owners fail to present their insurance claims correctly. Due to the catastrophic event, the policyholder might not be in the right condition to thoroughly inspect the aftermath.

Fortunately, with Performance Plus’ help, you won’t have any problems filling out your insurance claim.