Emergency Fire Board Up And Roof Tarp Services

Immediate Help From Restoration Experts

The moment firefighters are finished extinguishing the flames, property owners begin planning the restoration process. Every homeowner wants the house refurbished and life to return to normal as quickly as possible, but many circumstances prevent that from happening. During the transition period, many homeowners find temporary housing and need board-up and roof tarp services from Performance Plus to protect their property and possessions.

Among the most likely reasons to postpone the restoration process include:

Inclement Weather

Delays In The Insurance Claim

Limited Funds

Shortage Of Housing Materials & Supplies

Waiting For The Approval Of Permits & Plans

Fire Board Up Services

Benefits of Fire Board Up Services

Boarding and tarping are your best courses of action for any transition period. They provide the best possible protection for your property and its contents.

Boarding up your windows, doors, and other structural openings will prevent intruders, thieves and pests from entering your property. The tarp will guard your damaged home or business against high winds and excessive rainfall.

In addition to protecting your fire-damaged property, the boards and tarp also serve as a barrier if a major storm surfaces before the repairs can be completed.

Contact Performance Plus To Board Up & Tarp Your Home

24/7 Emergency Response

Performance Plus offers 24 hour emergency restoration services so that home and business owners can get the help they need when a fire occurs on their property. 

Quick Board Up & Tarping

We will show up to your property ready to secure your building the second the fire has been extinguished so you don’t have to worry about further damage.

Help With Insurance

Our team of experts know what your insurance looks for when handling your claim. We document every step of the restoration process to ensure you get fair coverage.