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Our Commercial Fire Restoration Process

When your business is hit by a fire, the integrity of your property is often compromised. Whether the fire burned out your ceiling or the fire department broke your windows while extinguishing the fire, boarding up these security hazards is critical to keeping your business property safe. Performance Plus offers emergency fire board up services 24/7 to make sure your property is protected from further damage.

Not all fire-related emergencies inflict the same amount of damage, so it’s vital that our technicians do a thorough and precise evaluation of your property. Through this assessment, we can figure out the cause of the disaster and determine which restoration method suits your situation.

Even if flames have engulfed your building, there’s hope that some of your valuable contents remain intact. We’ll scour the wreckage for salvageable and important items and bring them to our facility and have them restored.

Some of these things may include:

  • Legal documents
  • Irreplaceable personal belongings
  • Computers and other electronic devices
  • Artwork
  • Furniture

Before we repair anything, we’ll remove all hazardous materials in the affected area. By getting rid of charred structures and soot-covered items, your indoor office environment won’t pose a danger to your health and safety. Afterward, we’ll utilize effective restoration solutions in and around your building to get the property back to its original condition.

Finally, we’ll completely clean the surroundings to eliminate the remaining soot, smoke and other airborne irritants. We will address the water damage caused by firefighting efforts. We’ll also disinfect and sanitize the structure to eliminate the potential for mold, mildew and other toxic substances.

Performance Plus understands the challenges commercial property owners encounter during a crisis, so we’re committed to providing any support you need. We’ll be more than happy to help you submit an insurance claim and work directly with your insurance provider to come up with a fair estimate for the restorations.

Performance Plus can assist you with every step of the insurance process.

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fire Damage Restoration

As a commercial property owner, you’re aware of the risks that can occur in your business. A prime example is a fire, one of the most destructive elements on earth.

To minimize risk, you’ve taken the necessary safeguards to try and make your property fireproof. But no amount of preparation can prevent a natural disaster or an untimely accident. A fire can occur anywhere, at any time. Long after the flames are completely extinguished, you’re still exposed to multiple consequences that come from fire damage. You will need help in cleaning the smoke damage, restoring the contents of your business and, in all likelihood, board-up and tarp services as part of your restoration efforts.

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When your business is affected by a fire, call Performance Plus any time of day or night and we will send our emergency restoration team to board up your property.

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Our team of experts know what your insurance looks for when handling your claim. We document every step of the restoration process to ensure you get fair coverage.