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Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

Although stone and tile are typically used to cover bathroom subfloors and walls, they’ve become popular surface options in many areas of a home. Due to the variety and versatility of these materials, you also see them in kitchens, utility rooms, family rooms and porches. No matter where you place tile and stone, they still must be maintained. Like any other surface, they’re exposed to heavy foot traffic. With overuse or improper cleaning techniques, they can easily lose their shine and shimmer.

Many times, you can use consumer-grade cleaners and a little elbow grease to restore the luster. But there are situations where you must hire a professional floor cleaner to preserve and protect the beauty of your stone and tile coverings. When the stone, tiles and grout in your Rochester or Buffalo, New York home need professional attention, it’s best to contact Rapid Dry. Our company has experience cleaning residential and commercial floors, carpets, air ducts and lots of other areas. We have everything you need to keep your stone and tile surfaces in pristine condition.

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Rapid Dry Makes Your Floors Shine

Our certified technicians are armed with state-of-the-art equipment designed to clean your grout and maximize the luster of your stone and tile services. All of our cleaning experts IICRC-certified and committed to providing excellent services and customer care. We can efficiently service a wide range of stone and tile surfaces that include:

When it comes to your grout, we’ll use the appropriate cleaning options to effectively remove any visible residue. We’ll also apply several deep-cleaning techniques to eliminate potentially hazardous embedded particles. Finally, we’ll seal your tiles to keep extend the shelf life of your surfaces and your grout.

Tile Grout Cleaning

Regular Maintenance Options

If you want to ensure that your stone and tile surfaces are always in mint condition, we highly recommend regular maintenance. When your floors are professionally serviced on a weekly or monthly basis, they can withstand more foot traffic and develop a higher resistance to scratches and stains. They’ll also look more appealing, improving your indoor environment.

After cleaning your floors, we will cap our maintenance call with a thorough buffing, polishing and waxing to provide that extra shine.