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Professional Pet Urine & Odor Treatment

You love your pet dearly, so even if your dog or cat had an “accident” on your carpeted floor, you can’t stay mad forever. You also cannot take your pet’s “accident” lightly because a soiled carpet can create several challenges in your home. Aside from the unpleasant smell, pet urine can damage carpet fibers and cause permanent discoloration. The odor is strong enough to permeate through your floors, wall and the framework of your property. If you let the liquid evaporate, it leaves urine crystals that make the odor more concentrated and pungent. Pet urine that is not cleaned up properly can contribute to mold growth. Prolonged exposure to the ammonia-based smell is an irritant to the lungs and eyes.

You might think that using basic carpet cleaning techniques will be enough to deal with the issue. However, applying a simple soap and water solution on your carpet can re-activate the urine’s odor and damaging effects. It can also cause the urine to spread to your subfloors, making it easier for mold, bacteria and other harmful organisms to grow in your home.

When you have issues with pet odors, your best option is to contact Performance Plus. Our company has everything you need to effectively remove pet urine and odors from your carpet in the Buffalo and Rochester, NY area.

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Performance Plus Handles Any Cleaning Challenge

Performance Plus is your trusted carpet cleaning expert in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. We’ve seen and dealt with all types of carpet cleaning emergencies over the years, so we’re fully capable of getting rid of your pet’s urine.

Our technicians are licensed and certified by IICRC. They’re also trained to carry out each cleaning task gently to preserve the beauty and plush feel or your carpet. All of our cleaning techniques and products are 100% eco-friendly, so they won’t harm the health of your home or its residents. Our company has served homeowners throughout Western New York for more than a decade.

We’re armed with the latest equipment and knowledge to spot and eliminate all contaminants from your carpet quickly and effectively. When our trained technicians arrive, you can expect them to:

Inspect the damage visually.

Use special UV light equipment and moisture meter to gauge the extent of damages.

Apply our revolutionary pet urine and odor treatment to dissolve urine crystals and kill harmful bacteria that cling to carpet fibers.