Local Emergency Busted Pipe Repair

A burst pipe in your home can be very messy and cause a lot of stress. It also can produce a lot of water damage to your home and your belongings. If you don’t move quickly to repair the pipe as soon as it bursts, you could wind up with a flooded basement and needing lots of content restoration services. That is why it is imperative that you take care of the situation ASAP.

When you have a burst pipe in Rochester or Buffalo NY, the company to call for repair, clean-up or even mold remediation services is Performance Plus. We can take care of restoring the regular flow of your water and restoring the damage to your home.

burst pipe water damage

Causes of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can happen for several different reasons, and understanding what causes a pipe to burst can help you stop it from happening again. The list includes:

Clogged Pipes

A buildup of debris in your pipes can impede the flow of water and may cause these to burst.


When your pipes are old or poorly maintained, corrosion may set in and cause them to leak or burst.


You can also experience a burst pipe when someone strikes it by accident, triggering the damage.

Freezing Weather

Sudden cold snaps can freeze water inside your pipe, making it crack and causing it to burst.

Busted Pipe Repair & Restoration Process

The first matter of business during any busted pipe emergency is stopping the water source and repairing the leak. 

The main priority, of course, is to stop the water, repair the pipe, and make sure that the leak has stopped completely. But once we finish this, there is still a big mess to account for, and the first step in restoring your property to normal, is to remove any standing water that was caused by the busted pipe.

For this step we will utilize our industrial strength water extraction equipment, making sure that we remove as much moisture as possible before we move on.

When a pipe bursts there is usually some degree of damage that come with it. Whether that damage is in the form of saturated building materials, or simply the result of the pipe repair process, there is usually some level of damaged materials that will need to be removed before we can start the dehumidfication process.

Where there is water damage there is moisture and where there is moisture, there is opportunity for mold to start growing. In order to inhibit any mold spores from taking hold, we must act quickly and remove any lingering moisture that has been trapped in the affected area. We address this issue by placing our professional-grade dehumidifiers throughout the impacted areas to help suck up any remaining humidity that has penetrated the building materials on your property. 

In this phase we address the damaged materials that we had to remove earlier in the restoration process. As a turnkey restoration company and licensed general contractor, Performance Plus has the experience needed to complete any of the repairs necessary to return your home or business to its original state.