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Basement Mold Remediation Services

As long as your basement is retaining moisture, mold will remain persistent, requiring professional basement mold removal services. Performance Plus understands the composition of mold and its dangerous consequences on your property and possessions.

We provide reliable mold-removal services in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Our process is designed to control the moisture in the basement and eliminate mold right down to its core. Our licensed and IICRC-certified technicians use state-of-the-art mold removal systems that track and determine the type of mold you have in your basement. They know the removal technique for each type of mold, whether you are dealing allergenic mold, pathogenic mold, or the most-dangerous option, toxigenic mold.

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Dangers of Mold in Your Basement

The basement is often presented as a dark and damp space, so it is not surprising to find mold growing there. The problem rests with discovering the issue and doing nothing to remove it because mold can create several problems in your home. Some of the challenges include:

Wood rot

Musty smell to your indoor air

Exposure to mold spores and other harmful toxins

Increased risk of allergies or asthma attacks

Structural damages to moldy surfaces

Potential exposure to some cancer-causing mold spores

Removing mold can be a difficult task, especially if your basement’s moisture level is high. To ensure that your property’s atmosphere is restored back to its original condition, it’s in your best interest to contact Performance Plus for help.

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Basement Mold Removal & Remediation Process

Whenever mold is a question, the first thing that needs to be done is to have an industrial hygienist conduct an air quality test. This will show us what mold we are dealing with, allowing us to tailor a specific plan to remove the mold from your basement.

While we are waiting on results from the air quality test, Performance Plus will send a mold specialist to your basement to conduct a thorough inspection of the area. This inspection will help us create a mold removal and remediation plan, giving us insight on the extent of the damage and what techniques we will need to employ to restore your basement to a safe and healthy condition.

Since mold multiplies by releasing spores into the air ways, effectively multiplying by the minute, our team of mold remediation experts will move in and immediately begin containing the affected area. We will close off any entrances, seal any ventilation leading to or from the basement, and create a negative air pressure environment with the help of hepa filtration to ensure that any mold within your basement isn’t able to expand beyond the already affected area.

Once we have established complete containment of your basement, we can start addressing the damage. This starts with removing any building materials or other items that are deemed irreparable. Once we safely remove these materials, we will go through cleaning every surface in your basement with an advanced microbial wash to kill off any lingering spores that had spread beyond the obviously damaged materials.

Mold spores fly through the air and are present in small amounts in every breath we take. What causes these mold spores to multiply is finding an environment that is suitable for mold growth. The main factor in this equation is the moisture levels, which is why mold is such a big concern following floods or water damage. Basements are notorious for poor ventilation and high humidity, so one step we take in our mold remediation is to dehumidify your basement, preventing any lingering mold from taking hold and starting to multiply. For this step, we will bring in our professional grade dehumidifiers which will suck out any extra moisture and create an environment that will not let any new mold form.

When removing materials that were damaged during our cleanup and removal phase, we may have a number of repairs to make to your basement before the restoration job can be considered complete. As a turnkey restoration company, and licensed general contractor, Performance Plus is capable of completing every repair to get your basement back to normal.

Once all of our work is completed, there is one more test to be done before your basement can be considered safe. The industrial hygienist will have to conduct one more air quality test, this time a clearance test, to check whether the mold levels within your basement are within a safe range for you to get back to your normal life without concern for any future mold related health risks.

Types Of Mold In Your Basement

Allergenic Mold

Allergenic mold is the least threatening of the three and it’s known to trigger and induce symptoms of allergies and asthma. While it is the least threatening, it is also the most common.

Pathogenic Mold

Pathogenic mold is hazardous for people who have compromised immune systems. It can produce infections and has the ability to grow in the lungs. It’s also a major cause of hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Toxigenic Mold

Toxigenic mold is the most dangerous of the three. These mold spores are covered in mycotoxin, which is a toxic substance that can cause bleeding from the nose and lungs, as well as cancer.

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